Ron van den Beuken

Ron van den Beuken (1970) started making dance-music with computers about twenty years ago. He studied music at the conservatorium of Maastricht(The Netherlands) and also went to University as a law student.

After completing his studies he came into the dance scene by producing the number Feel it from 8 Hands Feel it, were a big hit in many clubs. After he scored with Keep it up from J & R Project, in Scandinavia a top-10 hit.
After Ron decided to do several different projects, including Shane with C'est muzique and Toujours
With Mystery in 2001 he received much international recognition, such as the British DJ Dave Pearce (BBC Radio 1) and Johan Gielen. The mystery was released worldwide, including the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Israel and Japan. It reached the Top 75 in England of the charts