JEFFK is not just another DJ and producer; he is a true performer. His style: energetic, uplifting. 
His sound: progressive, electro house. His residency: Amsterdam. His motto: “There’s much more 
to being a DJ than just playing  records”.

JEFFK is driven to bring back real entertainment to the stages. Next to being a skilful DJ, JEFFK 
is a passionate percussionist and a true live performer. JEFFK on stage equals a
 complete performance including live percussion, surprising showelements and tons of energy.

 JEFFK started his career as a drummer and percussionist in various bands. Then combined his percussion live on stage with DJ-ing. After starting with more soulful house, he kick-started his career with his first track “Long way home” ft Terry B and shifted his focus towards more progressive and electro house. He staged i.e. Airbeat One (Germany) and other major events,

He has his own JEFFK ON AIR monthly radio show and works constantly on enhancing his performance and pro- ductions. JEFFK is also resident DJ at the Entraxx FM radio station.
His drive and performance in combination with his ability to move a crowd, makes JEFFK an act to reckon with!