Mr. Black & Blue

Mr. Black & Blue seems to be an electronic music duo with plans to give the house music-scene a new impulse with their new and epic sounds…
When the launched their first record “Bad Habit” it was licensed in more than 50 countries. At that time nobody really knows who Mr. Black & Blue was of are? Some people were saying they are working since years in the music business because of the extremely high quality of the track. After their house bomb “Bad Habit” they presented “Get it on” again a vocal house track that has almost 900.000 Youtube views. And slowly the artists behind Mr. Black & Blue presented themselves as: Ron van den Beuken and John van Dongen.

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Ron van den Beuken
Lots of artist find their way to Vandenbeuken’s music studios where he has also produced tracks for Robert Abigail, DJ Sinharja with Linda Estelle (T-Spoon), Starstylers and Nils van Zandt. The latest No. 1 hit of Milk Inc. “Blackout” in Belgium also came out of his hands. He do remixes for superstars like Delta Doodrem, Nadia Ali, Lady Gaga, Ayumi Hamasaki or Imogen Heap. One of Ron’s highlights was the concert series he did with the Royal Symphonic Orchestra of Holland, Tranceclassics, a unique performance never seen before.
He studied music at the Conservatorium of Maastricht as well as law. After finishing his study, he startet to produce and had with his first Track „Feel it“ a club hit immediately. It was number one in Netherland for several weeks. Soon he released the single „Keep it up“ which climbed the Skandinavian Top Ten.
Because of this big success, he published until July 2003 more than 10 singles under deverse names like Shane, Floyd and The Mystery. Worldwide they were presended by the most important radio stations and played by the best DJs like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Johan Gielen, Ferry Corsten, Judge Jules, Sander van Doore and much more. So he got many licences all around the world.
Between 2005 and 2012 he could play on the most important Festivals and Events around the world. He produced in this time over 70 tracks like Endless, Shameless, Feelings, Sunset, I will Surrender, Fever, Find a way, Catch your fall, Oddity or Far Away. He proved his versatility and feeling for trends as a producer and counted a lot of credits by all the famous DJs and producers of the international scene. In June 2011 Ron van den Beuken organised his Event “Alcatrazz” for the fifth time, after the big success in the last three years. Starting 2012 he is with the hit single
In 2003 Ron started his new project under the name of „Clokx“ and covered the hymn Clocks from the most known Rockband at present: „Coldplay“. Clocks leaded worldwide Dancecharts for weeks. But his real breakthrough came with the track „Timeless“. With this song he reached number one in the Dutch radiostation 538, the most important channel. Since then he could repead this masterly performance four more times with Overdrive, Twister, In Silence and Sunset. “Livelectric - Sensations in different Top 40 Radio and Clubs Charts around the world.
John van Dongen
DJ/PRODUCER began his work as a producer in 1998. Together with Ron van den Beuken they made the first release "8 Hands". This song was immediately a hit in all the clubs. With the J&R project, a project of John and Ron together, they`ve reached a number 2 position in the Dutch Dance Charts and a top 40 hit in Scandinavia.
Some other projects John made together with Ron were E-Wok, Nightvision and Floyd. With Sunflowerz which became 3 times a top 10 position in the different international charts, and Khemistry which became a number one position in the Fresh 40 and in the single charts top 100 on number 47. Also other country's licenced several records from John. such as :Zwitserland,England,Amerika,Germany,Poland,Japan,Scandinavia,Spain. etc.etc. John`s name is known all over the Europe.
In the year 2003 and 2004 John was the DJ in the Ron van den Beuken project. Through the whole Europe he was the DJ behind this project and made his appearance in the Oxa (Swiss), FFWD (Holland-Rotterdam, Nautilus (Swiss), ID&T Radio (Holland), Midway (Germany), Matrixx (Holland), Sunrise Festival (Poland), Independence Tour (Poland), Ekwador (Poland), Mondo Paradiso (Spain) etc.