A-Agency & Bip Records

A-Agency & Bip Records
Within 6 years BIP Records is one of the leading Belgian Dance Record Labels with several Sublabels as Atmoz Trax, Club Generation, EarCandy, Festibalazo Records, Latin Beats, Magikal Records, Nasty Productions, Trance Energy Recordings and many more.

Pop, Dance, Latin House, Commercial Dance, Trance, House, Vocal House, ..you name it, it's BIP Records!

Thanks to these succesfull years we can now proudly present to you BIP Records Netherlands and A-Agency. A-Agency is your global partner for the best DJ's and producers. So check out our energetic DJ's and concepts.

So connect your smartphone or iPad to your stereo or put on your headphones, play full blast and let your body move to the BIP Records beats!

Have fun and enjoy our music!

Play it Loud!

A-Agency & BIP Records